Suggested Meeting Formats —
focus A.R.T.S. literature and discussion

A.R.T.S. Meeting Formats – A numbered series featuring A.R.T.S. literature and group questions. We encourage you to approach your new meeting in the same way you create a piece of art – one step at a time, one week at a time, one day at a time. We hope this on-going series of meetings that are focused on different literature every week will provide you with an understanding of the A.R.T.S. program. This literature is embedded with a question every few paragraphs for group discussion. Here is a way to understand your artist self; the depth of your soul's desire to be an artist; and the tenets of ARTS. In these meetings you will find the support you need to achieve your dreams.

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Step 1 - First third of the Step One Essay.

Step 1 - Middle third of the Step One Essay.

Step 1 - Last third of the Step One Essay.

Art Can Save A Life and What Five-Alive Means to Me.

Beryle's Story

Step 2 - First Section of Step 2

Step 2 - Middle Section of Step 2

Step 2 - Last Section of Step 2

The Anorexia of Avoidance

P.L.A.N. with A.R.T.S.

Traits of the Avoidant Artist

Twelve Talents for a Good Life

Art & Our Spiritual Awakening

Step 3 - First Section of Step 3

Step 3 - Middle Section of Step 3

Step 3 - Last Section of Step 3

The Creative Process

The A.R.T.S. Closing Prayer

Twelve Tools for Recovery

You can download as many formats as you like.

"How to Start Your First Meeting" Handbook

Like creating a piece of art in any medium, the process of bringing a new A.R.T.S. meeting into being requires a little bit of inspiration and a good deal of tenacity, patience and perseverance. We have prepared a downloadable guide to starting an A.R.T.S. meeting. In it you will find all the information you need to set up a new meeting, including an action checklist, sample request for meeting space, sample press release, definition of the A.R.T.S. service positions and a glossary of terms often used in A.R.T.S. meetings.
Download the handbook.

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