A.R.T.S. World Service Business Conference

About the Conference

Every year all A.R.T.S. meetings are invited to participate in the A.R.T.S. World Service Business Conference. A.R.T.S. delegates come from meetings all across the United States and from other countries too. Together the representatives are the collective voice of the A.R.T.S. fellowship. Each representative brings his or her ideas for the development and growth of A.R.T.S. Anonymous. The representatives report on the health of their meeting, their meeting’s focus and its needs. The finances and program goals, both national and international, are discussed.

World Service Meeting Representatives

Conference representatives are called World Service Meeting Representatives or WSMRs. WSMRs are elected by their meetings to give this service and they serve for two years. By attending two conferences they bring a continuum of knowledge from one year to the next. But their service does not end and begin with the conference. Throughout the year, the WSMRs provide the A.R.T.S. office with a link to their local meetings. When the A.R.T.S. office sends out announcements to the meetings, it sends them to the WSMR’s home address. By receiving these mailings and carrying the materials and information to their meeting, the WSMRs enable the A.R.T.S. office to reach every member of the A.R.T.S. program.


The A.R.T.S. office is located in New York City. The office is where literature is stored, orders fulfilled, correspondence processed, and financial records kept. The A.R.T.S. office manager is responsible for the accuracy of the national and international meeting list. New meetings must register their name, time, and location with the office. Old meetings are encouraged to also register annually to affirm the accuracy of their meeting information.

Board of Trustees

The A.R.T.S. Board of Trustees oversees the office. The Trustees are the executive directors of A.R.T.S., empowered by the members to run the A.R.T.S. organization world-wide throughout the year. Trustees are responsible for the prudent management of our finances and fund-raising efforts. They oversee the development of new literature. They produce the annual A.R.T.S. Convention and World Service Business Conference. They receive, process, and answer all inquiries to our hotline and website. Each Trustee is responsible for one facet of the organization. The Trustees work without pay. Their professional service on behalf of A.R.T.S. program is a gift to our fellowship.

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