5 Alive

Every Twelve Step Program has a bottom line sobriety where an addictive substance or compulsive disorder is not picked up “one day at a time.” A.R.T.S. does not deal with addiction. A.R.T.S. members do have a compulsive disorder to avoid their art as well as other parts of their life. In A.R.T.S., bottom line sobriety begins with a humble daily action to pick up one’s creativity, “one day at a time.” Members are asked to do no less than five minutes of art every day.

5 Alive

5 minutes every day
keeps my art alive.

5 minutes every day
keeps my block away.

“Hi, my name is John. I did my art today for five minutes. This is day 42 of doing my art every day.” If one picks up even for five minutes there will be days when 5 minutes turns into hours. When we do our art, time stops, our outer concerns drop away, and we engage in a process of trust with our work. All we have to do is just keep starting doing short bursts of work and in time, those five little daily minutes will turn into a lifetime of creativity. The point is showing up for your partnership with your Gifts, for your inspiration and passion, from the joy in being alive.

Members Talk About 5 Alive

"When I came into A.R.T.S., I could not work at my art alone. Other artists had to be literally working beside me before I could pick up a brush – this was my particular kind of Avoidant Syndrome. The daily practice of 5 minutes every day – 5 Alive -- broke down my resistance and helped me to become the highly productive artist I am today." —Anonymous, NYC

"5 Alive is saving my life and my creative passion. What I am doing thanks to 5 minutes a day of creative action is connecting me to my vision in real, manageable ways, every day. No action is too small in pursuit of my creative vision today. Nothing feels as good as showing up for my God given gifts and seeing how they can be put to use in joyful ways!" —Jazzy J

"Five Alive is a great way to get with the program in ARTS. When I was introduced to ARTS, I had literally forgotten that I was raised to be an artist and was struggling with other things. The tool of Five Alive lnitially was a goal to work up to. At the beginning I may have done something for my art three times a week, which in itself was thrilling, and I was writing about it daily. As a result of this practice, which unfolded naturally, I am gratefully living the life of an artist seven days a week." —An A.R.T.S. Member

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